// Orthopedic surgeon with a thirst for polar adventures and snow-kiting.

// By 2022, he plans to complete an Antarctic traverse by kite-skiing.


MEET Patrick

Polar expeditions call for methodical action and strict discipline.

The slightest mistake, the briefest lapse in concentrations, can have dangerous consequences.


With qualifications as an orthopedic surgeon and certifications in sports medicine, physical therapy, expedition medicine and mountain medicine, Patrick has often taken on the role as designated doctor on his expeditions. He is also an active International Mountain Leader with the British Association of Mountain Leaders.



In 2003, Patrick became the first Luxembourger to the North Pole. Five years later in 2008, he also became the first Luxembourger to complete a coast-to-coast East-West traverse of the Greenland ice cap.



His book Ice-Flow was released in 2009, covering these two major expeditions and accompanied by contributions from fellow polar adventurers.

ISBN 2-87964-114-4



Having completed his 2019 Greenland expedition, he is now taking on small projects before embarking on his biggest expedition yet: the Antarctic traverse.