Yes, you read that right – I’m back and with all 20 of my fingers and toes. You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet here in this space, but after getting back to Luxembourg on 14th June and after long weeks on the ice, it was great being able to fully enjoy being back with my family again.

Thank you so much to Carl Alvey (Expeditions365) for guiding us across the ice cap and to Chris Weyers, my team mate. We may have encountered some tricky weather – whiteouts, low winds and all – but it was great sharing this experience with them.

Between us all we have gathered so much footage from the trip and we cannot wait to share the story of our Greenland traverse with you all.

Watch this space.

-Flying Dr Pat




Greenland 2019

// Timeframe: May-June 2019; 30 to 45 days // Objective: Full South-North Crossing of Greenland // Distance: 2300 km  // From Narsarsuaq to Qaanaag passing by DYE2. An Antarctic crossing takes 4 years of training and preparation, and for Patrick this includes two...

Arctic Canada

// Timeframe: 2017  // Objective: North-West Passage Kite Crossing// Kiting across and along the Northwest Passage, along the northern coast of North America via waterways through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Experiencing multiple different snow conditions on the...


// Timeframe: May 2014 & Apr 2015 // Destination: Vatnajökull & Highlands, Iceland// Crossing the largest ice cap in Europe by volume (3,100 km³) and the second-largest in the area with the exploration of Grimsvötn volcano and the ascent of Iceland’s highest...