Tageblatt Lëtzebuerg | July 2019

Thank you to Tageblatt for the feature and thank you again to Steve Peffer for putting together another wonderful piece.


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Luxemburger Wort feature

Luxemburger Wort | Wed 10 July 2019 Thank you to the Luxemburger Wort for the article. It was a pleasure sharing my Greenland story!  MORE NEWS 

Q&A with St George’s International School students

 Q&A with St George's International School students While on the Greenland Ice Cap, Patrick was sent 20 questions from students at St George's International School of Luxembourg via satellite phone. Here are all his answers to their fantastic questions. Q1 Do you...

Return from Greenland

UPDATES FROM LUXEMBOURG | 5 July 2019 Yes, you read that right – I’m back and with all 20 of my fingers and toes. You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet here in this space, but after getting back to Luxembourg on 14th June and after long weeks on the ice, it...