Meet Our TEAM

Patrick is supported by a team of partners who help keep the adventure engine running.

Patrick Peters


The man behind Flying Dr Pat. Snow kiter, polar adventurer, doctor and father – Patrick became the first Luxembourg to reach the North Pole in 2003.

Carl Alvey

Polar Consultant & Guide

In 2004 Carl made his first major expedition to the east coast of Greenland and has never looked back since. Carl spends time each spring guiding expeditions in Greenland and each northern winter (Antarctica summer) guiding expeditions in Antarctica.


The strength of the team is each individual member.

The strength of each member is the team.

Building a strong, collaborative team is invaluable to the durability and success of the Snow Lion project.

Polar expeditions are no easy feat. It is a physical and mental challenge that pushes people beyond their limits.

An Antarctic crossing can 4 years of training and preparation. After two Greenland expeditions, Patrick will now have two or three seasons with additional skiing and kite-skiing technique training before embarking on the Antarctic traverse.

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